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Social Security

Social Security

Social Security is a government program established by the Social Security Act, which makes monthly income-maintenance payments to retirees, spouses, dependent children, and survivors.

Social Security is a government program established by the Social Security Act, which makes monthly income payments to retirees, and disabled individuals.

Becoming disabled from work is a serious setback for any person, and it has a tremendous impact on families. If you paid into the system and now have an illness or injury severe enough to prevent you from working at least a year — or if you ae not expected to recover — you are likely entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

We recognize that getting benefit checks as quickly and efficiently as possible is a priority for you, but we also caution our clients that the process can be complex and challenging. Most SSDI claims are initially denied for a variety of reasons. Your chances of obtaining the benefits you deserve improve significantly if you work with a skilled lawyer.

A Local Firm With a Compassionate, Effective Approach

Providing face-to-face counsel and honest guidance, one of our attorneys will meet with you in Pontiac, Warren, Madison Heights, Clarkston, or even your own home. You can benefit from the knowledge and successful track record of our Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys.

We deal with SSDI and SSI denials every day, and we are prepared to build the strongest case possible for you while addressing concerns such as:

  • Your eligibility for benefits
  • Timelines and expectations for processing and approving your claim
  • Issues involving coordination of other benefits such as Worker’s Compensation and Long-term Disability (LTD) Insurance.

Attentive, Comprehensive Legal Counsel With NO Fees Unless You Win

Our experienceinvolves many different SSDI claims arising from both physical and mental disabilities.  We also take complex cases involving termination of benefits.

Our focus at Kaplovitz and Associates is on helping people who need help most. We truly prioritize your SSDI claim and our attorneys will stay in touch with you every step of the way. To learn the facts and improve your chances of getting benefits, please request a FREE CONSULTATION today.

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